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Training Military Veterans for Careers
in Sustainable Farming, Agricultural Trades and Food Entrepreneurship

We Closed on the Farm

Actually, we closed on it back on July 1st, but we went up for our first visit as official owners this past Thursday. We brought our lovely pro-bono architects along, and they took some gorgeous photos. Here’s just a handful of them.


Heroic Food has a home!

We are about to close on a beautiful farm two miles outside of Hudson, NY, which will serve as our residential campus and headquarters, and will also operate as a working farm. Michelle went down there yesterday and took this gorgeous photo.


New Flyer!

It took us a long time to make all the little tweaks, but the new flyer is finished and beautiful and ready for our big outreach & recruitment push in July.


Visiting the New Heroic Food Farm

Last week, we met with Korean War vet Jim Haggerty and retired E8 Master Sgt. Carl Clark. Jim, who served in the marines from 1951-54, has been a major veterans advocate for decades, and serves as an officer in numerous veterans-affairs organizations. Carl served in…